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With a critically successful first two years of business, Wild Bike Tours is in a position to become a Tassie icon in mountain bike tourism.
The past two and a half years has been a rollercoaster ride, with new challenges around every corner.
While it’s hard to pick the highlights, certainly having the privilege of riding in the Southport Lagoon Conservation Area was amazing. Earning the trust of Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and the Dunbabin family at Bangor Farm has a special place in my heart. All of these areas are truly special, with deep history and high value. It is a real honour to have that trust.
As our insurance is due to lapse on June 21st, 2015, we will not be able to run any tours past this date.

Wild Bike Tours specialise in guided remote area wilderness mountain bike rides, guided urban wilderness mountain bike rides around Hobart, and guided Mount Wellington mountain bike rides, just outside of Hobart, Tasmania. We can even tailor an adventure just for you.

All of our rides are hand-picked for a real mix of fun, adventure and scenery. Experience true wilderness with Wild Bike Tours, whether remote Tasmanian wilderness on a full-day ride, or local bushland around Hobart with our half-day rides. Tailored adventures can be any length of time, depending on what you are after.

Visit World Heritage listed wilderness, coastal plains, untouched beaches, mountain regions and watch out for all kinds of wildlife. See parts of Tasmania that you never knew existed, that most  locals only know of through rumour and hear-say. Feel the history of early pioneers and aboriginal heritage and learn about modern environmental management.

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With high value conservation areas and technical descents, the tours are graded on ability and fitness. From the easy tour for those new to mountain biking, to intermediate for those looking for a challenge, right through to the physical demands expected of the more advanced riders.

All adventure rides include transport to and from the trails in the “Troopy”, an intimate ride that can’t help but break the ice.

Your bike or ours

Bike trailer Wild Bike Tours has a full compliment of Giant Talon mountain bikes ranging from small to large frames. They are a hard-tail model, primarily used for cross country riding, although they are effective for most styles of riding.

If you prefer to bring your own bike, we have a modern trailer designed to keep your bike in pristine condition. The bikes are anchored by the wheels, with no other part of the bike touching the trailer. You can rest assured that your bike will be looked after, and you can have the riding experience that you desire.

If you want to use our bikes with your pedals, we can do that too!


Safety of our guests is paramount. The guides at Wild Bike Tours are there to ensure your safety first and foremost, which is why there is one guide for every 4 participants. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, so we have taken a range of measures to minimise risk. All guides are trained in Remote Area First Aid; we have a range of technology at hand, including UHF Radios, a satellite phone and a registered Personal Locator Beacon (PLB/EPIRB); safety checks are conducted on all bikes beforehand and; the guides have a wealth of riding knowledge at hand.

Where we are

Wild Bike Tours doesn’t have a shop front. We take bookings online and by phone.
Whenever we set of on an adventure ride, we begin and end on the Brooke Street Pier, Hobart. The Troopy stops near the MONA Ferry Terminal for pick up and drop off. Group bookings can be collected at accommodation by prior arrangement.

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